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I want to start this by saying I am so far from perfect. I hope all who mosey over to my blog find a place of acceptance. All are welcome here. I have made many mistakes in my life. To give the highlights right off the bat (and hopefully keep you around to find out the rest of the tea) – here is a quick recap;

I am divorced. I then got pregnant with my boyfriend of 6 months, ran off to California to start a new career (without telling 90% of my friends and family) and eloped.

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Here are some answers to the most asked questions in my DM's

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you divorced?

Yes, I am. I got married at a very young age. It’s difficult to explain all the nuances of our relationship and why it didn’t work out. For his privacy, I will not go into details. It is not fully my story to tell. What I can say is there was hurt, pain, and scars that will last a lifetime. Whether amicable or horrendous, divorce is a terrible process. It is painful, and I do not wish it on anyone.

What's your advice on becoming an influencer?

I would just start and share things that you love and are passionate about! I fell into blogging and I’m super thankful that I did. I also didn’t take free product from brands for the entire start of my career, I wanted to build a history with brands I loved on my own dime to build trust and loyalty both with brands and my following. As I built a following that trusted me, brands started to notice and the brands I wanted to work with also wanted to work with me But the main part is just being true to you and being consistent in posting and showing up for your audience and truly viewing them as   who trust you not followers to sell to. I get on and just chat and that built my following because we are all like friends who hang out.

Do you have hair extensions? How much does it cost?

Yes, I have two beaded rows of hand-tied hair. The price range is really hard to comment on because of so many factors such as: geographical location, brand of hair used, how much hair used, and length of hair used. This is something I would call local salons about and get consultations for, as you’re ready. I will say — it is a luxury. Good quality human hair is pricey, and you’ll be in paying for that on the first appointment and install appointments will be the most expensive ones! After that you’ll be paying every 6-8 weeks for move up appointments. This will not include the charge if you add any color, toner, or even washing/drying/ styling(this is all based on the salon you choose so this is stuff to ask during your consultations).

How do you take care of extensions?

I wrote a whole blog post on this, so be sure to check it out! But best practices are — use high quality products, wash minimally, sleep on a silk pillowcase, use heat wisely and sleep with them up, braided or in a loose bun. Use a shower filter and after washing, be sure to detangle your extensions all the way up the weft and blow dry them each and every time.

Where do you find designer bags?

If bought new I buy directly from the designer site or department store. But I always double check my two favorite resale sites: The Real Real and Fashionphile! They (in my opinion) have the strictest vetting policies, so you know you’re getting an authentic bag.

What's your go-to sunless tanner?

I use bronzed cactus sunless in the the double dipped shade! Check out my tanning routine highlight on my IG for a full application breakdown, product info and tips and tricks to maintaining your tan. I also do have a promo code! CASSIDY20 saves you 20%!

What's that hummus dressing you're always using?

It’s really simple! Grab any hummus, any acid (citrus juice or vinegar) and olive oil. Mix well, top your salad and enjoy!

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