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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you try out the products you promote?

Yes! I do not advertise anything that I haven't fully taken the time to review and check. If I would not recommend it to my family and friends, I would not recommend it to you.

Would you travel to do hair and makeup?

I do not travel or hire out services for hair and makeup. I set out on these platforms to create tutorials and help girls in their every day lives work with their hair.

Am I a vegetarian?

No, I am not. I really focus on eating as healthy and organic as possible but I do enjoy adding in protein in my diet with meat. I often use a vegetarian cookbook to make the vegetables the focus of my meals, and then add in whatever protein I want.

Do you sell your extra clothes?

I do not sell the clothes I have. A majority of my clothes that I no longer wear go to a donation center for women who are victims of domestic violence.

Why did you start blogging and becoming an influencer?

This is a great question! During the pandemic, I found that I became pretty lonely because I am such a people person. I always enjoyed discussing fashion, hair and makeup with my friends, so I wanted to extend that further. What I got was so much more than that. My followers are a community that builds each other up and one that I look forward to talking to each day.

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