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I'm Cassidy

I want to start this by saying I am so far from perfect. I hope all who mosey over to my blog finds a place of acceptance. All are welcome here. I have made many mistakes in my life. To give the highlights right off the bat (and hopefully keep you around to find out the rest of the tea) – here is a quick recap;

I am divorced.  I then got pregnant with my boyfriend of 6 months, ran off to California to start a new career (without telling 90% of my friends and family) and eloped. 

Yupp. Thats me. I told you it is a bit messy…

I met a boy in college and we got married. For his privacy (since it’s not hard to figure out who he was with social media these days) I will not go into details. It is not fully my story to tell. What I can say is there was hurt, pain, and scars that will last a lifetime. Whether amicable, or horrendous, divorce is a terrible process. It is a painful process. I do not wish it on anyone.

The week I took my rings off and a divorce was decided on, I started talking to another boy (I KNOW I KNOW…dumb dumb dumb)…rebounds man…its a thing…but before you judge too harshly, he truly was a Prince Charming. I won’t bore you with the mushy gushy details, but there was a lot of mushy gushy. I ended up visiting him in California and falling head over heels in love with him and his paradise. 

6 months into our relationship I packed up everything I owned. Sold everything that didn’t fit in my little Kia Forte. Grabbed my dogs. Quit my job. Moved to California. Started a whole new life.

Well very shortly after moving…surprise…BABY. Yes, we got pregnant. 

Things got really hard. We were still in a fairly new relationship. I was pregnant. I was working in a new career. Cort was in and out with the military. Essentially we hit fast forward on what should have been years of growth in a relationship and shoved it in under a year. 

While I won’t put all the struggles here…trust me…social media shows our highlights, which there are MANY of, but I don’t purposely show our lows, which there are as well. I don’t recommend the path I took, but I am so beyond thankful it was Cort I got to go on this journey with. I am a christian, and I can say God was looking out for me when He gave me Cort.

Let’s jump to the now. Cort and I are married and we have a wild child who we love to death. I have now decided to start a new journey and follow my dream. 

I desperately have wanted to be in the influencer world for years, but my insecurities always stopped me. I would tell myself my face is to round, my hips to wide, I don’t have time. When I had the baby I had even more excuses – my body was all kinds of crazy with pregnancy. I have battled with a condition called gastroparesis which makes my weight fluctuate quite erratically which does not help mindset.

One day I realized, I don’t have to be perfect I have to be me. I am very good at finding sales. I love doing hair. I have watched hours of beauty YouTube to know the tricks. I love outfit Inspo. I love all things girly. Most of all I love helping girls find their own unique beauty. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look classy. So I am here to share those gifts. To be your friend.

To end, I am so happy you are here <3

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1. Where am I originally from?
I am from northern Virginia! I grew up there with my five sisters.
2. Where did I meet Cort?
Cort and I met at a friend's wedding. He was the best man and I was a bridesmaid.
3. Do I work another job on top of blogging and influencing?
Short answer is "I used to!" When I lived in California, I juggled two jobs in hospitality and higher education. I eventually took a leap and decided to pursue this full time and to be able to stay at home with Lucy.
4. How many children do we have?
We have 1 girl named Lucy!
5. How many animals do we have?
We currently have 3 dogs. Benson, a golden doodle. Rupert, a rescue mix and Bear, another rescue who thinks he runs the house.
6. Do I wear hair extensions?
Yes, I do! I had a hard time with post partum hair loss. With extensions, I was able to let my hair continue to grow and heal while still having hair to work with. I have several posts and videos on the types of extensions I use and recommend.

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