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How Do I Juggle being a Mom and an Influencer?

I probably get this question more than any other question. And I totally get why. It’s a really good question. Because being a mom is hard and grueling and exhausting, and for some reason beyond logic, you feel compelled to pour all of yourself out for the sake of your tiny humans. If you’re a mom, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Yet being a mom is also the single most rewarding thing I have ever done. Without question, without exception. The joy (and terror!) you feel to watch your heart walk around outside of your body is indescribable. Because those same tiny humans who require every last shred of energy from your weary body multiply what they drain from you and give it back to you as pure joy, pride and love. It’s unreal.

So the question is—how do I juggle the reality of the demands of motherhood with a career as an influencer? And the answer is actually pretty simple—it all boils down to BALANCE. When Cort and I first started dating, we had no idea that Lucy would make such a quick appearance. In a very short period of time, I uprooted my life and moved to California with Cort, started working crazy hours between two different, demanding jobs, and found out I was pregnant (MAJOR surprise). I had to learn pretty quick that balance was not only a good idea, but it was NECESSARY.

JustClassicallyCassidy started as a pandemic project. Like everyone else on the planet, I needed a way to harness some of the insanity that resulted from being cooped up for so long. But even more so, I craved connection with people. I didn’t start this platform with the goal of becoming “huge” or “making it,” but instead I set out to make meaningful connections in a shared space. Through the process, I’ve learned a lot about myself and experienced a ton of personal growth, which has helped make me a better mom to Lucy.

As I mentioned above, Lucy has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. Before I got the shocking news that she was coming (ready or not!), I hadn’t thought a lot about whether I wanted kids. But as Cort and I quickly learned, the best way to move forward when life throws you a curveball is to adapt. While Lucy was a baby, I worked at a hotel, and if you’ve worked in the hospitality industry, you know that people can be… challenging (let me tell you, I’ve got some STORIES). I worked long, tiring hours and felt like Lucy spent more time with her nanny than with me, and that was really hard for me. Frankly, I hated it and knew something had to change.

The beauty of working as an influencer is that it’s actually made it possible to strike a balance between being the kind of mom I want to be and having a career I love. I went from working long, strict hours to being extremely flexible in my availability. Rather than having my schedule dictated to me by someone else, I get to choose when and how often I work, which allows me to be present for Lucy when she needs me. My stories, reels, and posts represent only a fraction of the hours in my day, and I intentionally schedule my content around when Lucy is in school or when it doesn’t intrude into the comfortable flow of our family life.

Thanks to you all, I have the privilege of doing what I love while also being a mom to Lucy. And thanks to this platform, I end up getting so much more time with her than I would otherwise. Cort and I are constantly reevaluating our routines and boundaries to make sure that we’re creating a peaceful yet stimulating environment for Lucy so we can thrive as a family. As with everything in life though, it’s a work in progress!

xoxo, cassidy
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